Everyone’s favourite Spa treatment and one of the most popular, relaxing, rejuvenating treatments of all times. 


At Ocean Medi Spa in Oakville, Ontario, we specialize in Basic and Advanced Facial Treatments for all skin types. Nourish and exfoliate your skin with one of our specialized aestheticians at Ocean Medi Spa and let your skin experience the gentle, toning, cleansing application designed just to fit you.


Our clients request Facials for several reasons; to remove unwanted Blackheads, to help with Anti-aging or just for that special being pampered feeling. Either way sit back and let Ocean Medi Spa take care of the rest.


At Ocean Medi Spa we use a multi-step procedure to cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate and nourish your skin. 


Book your consultation to get started. Help us get to know your skin type, your goal from getting a facial and what you hope to achieve. We will analyse your skin, get you prepared and ready to go. 


At Ocean Medi Spa, we continue to guide our clients on the appropriate measures they need to take to ensure they always have a hydrated, glowing skin. We will provide you with advise on how to take care of your skin post facial treatment and on how often you require a facial. 

Facials Treatments

Using Gerards Products




Consultation, Cleanse, Steaming, Extractions, Massage, Mask, Final application of sunscreen

Casmera Mask $30

$65 - 45 minutes

Customized based on skin needs upon consultation


Consultation, Cleanse, Steaming, Extractions, Massage, Casmara Mask, Additional mask ,  Final application of sunscreen

$85 - 60 minutes

$65 - 45 minutes





Consultation, Cleanse, Steaming, Extractions, Massage, Mask, Final application of sunscreen

$140 - 80 minutes

Choices of mask:

- Anti-aging and Firming

- Imperfections and Wrinkles

- Intensive Q10 Vitamin (Brightening)

- Pro-prebiotic Technology

- Infinity Ultra Rejuvenation Action

- Purifying - Oxigenating


Green Peel® treats a number of skin problems on the face. These problems include:


  • Large-pored, seborrheic skin

  • Impure skin, sebum cysts

  • Scars

  • Skin prone to premature formation of wrinkles with sagging face contours

  • Sun damaged skin

  • Anti-Aging prophylaxis

  • Some forms of hyperpigmentations

$140 - 80 mins

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