The pain free, hair free solution everyone is looking for.  No more unwanted hair, no more waxing, shaving, or plucking. At Ocean Medi Spa, in Burlington Ontario, we provide laser hair removal services for all skin types, providing you with the life long lasting confidence you always dreamt of. 


Laser Hair removal has become the most popular hair removal practiced procedure worldwide. Discover and enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal with Ocean Medi Spa. 


Wondering if this is the ideal thing to do? Laser Hair removal is a safe and simple, in-clinic practiced procedure that removes any unwanted hair from any where across the body. Over several treatment sessions, the hair on your body begins to absorb laser light, creating heat to disable hair follicles by targeting and damaging the root of the hair. With time, the hair on the body becomes lighter and finer.  To achieve optimal results, a series of Laser Hair removal sessions are requires as hair grows in cycles and needs to be treated accordingly. The number of sessions and treatment duration depends on a case-by-case scenario. But typically 5-8 treatments are required to reach positive results. 

Ocean Medi Spa | Laser Hair Removal | Medical Spa | Oakville

At Ocean Medi Spa we treat each Client with a high level of care and provide a detailed consultation specific to each case skin type. Book your consultation to get a realistic expectation of the time and sessions required to achieve the smooth and silky skin you desire. 


Upper Lip $25

Lower Lip $15

Chin $30

Sideburns $50

Full face $100

Neck $50

Beard Outline (Men) $50

Half Arm $100

Full Arm $150

Underarm $60

Full Leg $180

Half Leg $120

Ocean Medi Spa | Laser Hair Removal | Medical Spa | Oakville

Laser Hair Removal


Bikini Line $80

Brazilian $150

Lower Back $100

Full Back (Woman) $150

Full Back (Men) $225

Stomach $100

Half Stomach $50

Stomach Strip $30

Upper Chest (Women) $50

Shoulders (Women) $80

Full Chest (Men) $150

Shoulders (Men) $120

Ears (Men) $30

Frequently asked questions

How Can I Prepare For A Laser Hair Removal Session?

Do not wax, thread, pluck or tweeze the hair. Avoid a tan or any exposure to the sun. Only shave the area the day of your treatment.

What Will I Feel During The Laser Hair Removal Session?

Our certified specialists will activate the laser device allowing a laser beam to pass through your skin to damage the hair follicles. The heat from the laser beam may cause a small but temporary discomfort.

How Long Will Each Laser Hair Removal Session Last?

Depending on the area being treated. If it’s a small area the session should only last a matter of minutes. When covering a larger body surface it could take up to an hour.

How Will My Skin Feel After Each Treatment Session?

After a treatment, you may experience red, bumpy skin, which is perfectly normal. The body requires some time and will heal on it’s own. To help the process, avoid direct contact with the sun or any contact with a heat source that involves sweating, exercise or similar activities for approx.. 24-48 hours.

What Should I Do In-between Treatments?

Clients can only shave in-between Laser Hair removal treatment sessions. No waxing, plucking, threading or tweezing.