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At Ocean Medi Spa in Oakville Ontario, we specialize in Laser treatment skin care for cases such as: facial spider veins, leg veins, pigmented lesions, tattoo removal, vascular lesions, scars and striae, skin tightening and fungal treatment (toe nail). 


We use the latest technology to help you look and feel your best. Laser skin care treatments are painless, quick and help boost your self-confidence. Laser skin care techniques uses laser beams (infrared light source), that uses heat to remove, or eradicate damaged skin layers with exact precision allowing new clean, smooth, tight skin to resurface from underneath. 


The number of sessions required for all laser skin care treatment varies from one individual to another. Consult with one of our experienced staff members for a realistic expectation plan. 

Ocean Medi Spa | Laser Treatments | Medical Spa | Oakville
Ocean Medi Spa | Laser Treatments | Medical Spa | Oakville

Laser Treatments

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