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Microneedling at Ocean Medi Spa is one of the most asked for skin care treatment technique. Microneedling is the simple process (non surgical) of rejuvenating your skin. How? We use a device, referred to as a “derma roller” that contains fine needles that rolls across the skin creating several tiny punctures over the top skin layer surface to allow your body to create now collagen and elastin (key components in helping achieve young and flawless skin). Creating astonishing results for a more improved skin texture.  


Microneedling helps with firming the skin, treating acne problems, reducing scar marks, treating pore sizes, and treating the visibility of stretch marks. Microneedling is a safe skin care technique for all skin types and requires no down time. 


Post a Microneedling session, clients may experience red skin, which is very normal and only lasts a few days and rejuvenates on its own creating new skin tissue. You may continue with your daily routine after each session. Its recommended to apply sun screen to the area as it becomes more sensitive to sun exposure. 

Microneedling - $300 per session

At Ocean Medi Spa, our experienced staff members will thoroughly analyse your skin type and complexion and provide you with realistic expectations. Helping you determine the number of sessions required to achieve your desires goals. We will guide you prior, during and post any skin care treatment to ensure you are always feeling and looking your best. 



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