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Where did SPA get it’s name from?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Interesting how we all have a name. Some of us question what it means while others just live with it. Where did our name originate? Why did we get this name? How did we get named this? Well, everything originated from somewhere. Everything goes back in time and has a history.

For example, we always knew a Spa was just a place we go to rejuvenate and refresh. That was the name we grew up with. That’s the name we were given and we used it over and over. But why “SPA”? Why not anything else?

It all started in the town of Spa located in Belgium, which was known for it’s warm mineral springs. During that time period, soldiers and any one who suffered injuries would go to the mineral springs in the town of Spa to treat their aching muscles and used the mineral water as a form of therapy. The mineral rich water was used as a medicine bath and it was believed to help cure away pain.

Over the years, this term became more and more common and was used more often with the rise of modern age spas. The evolution of spas become so diverse, it extended from the east to the west and became evident across all traditions, nations and civilizations across the world. Today’s spa combine between the ancient practices and more modern mechanical techniques.

At Ocean Medi Spa in Oakville, we cherish these historic references and add our magic touch to make our spa experience, as nourishing as ever will be.

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